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  • Extract the zip file on the SharePoint server
  • From the SharePoint Management Shell, run SharePointBAC.ps1
  • Once solution deployment is complete, close the SharePoint Management Shell and re-open it prior to usage


SharePointBAC provides the following cmdlets:
  • Get-SPBackupCatalog
  • Set-SPBackupCatalog
  • Remove-SPBackupCatalog
  • Export-SPBackupCatalog

This is an example of leveraging SharePointBAC to automatically trim the backups on disk to 2 days and email backup status to an Administrator and Backup Operator:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
$cat = Get-SPBackupCatalog \\backupserver\SharePointBackup
Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\backupserver\SharePointBackup -BackupMethod Full
$cat | Remove-SPBackupCatalog -RetainCount 2 -Confirm:$false
$cat | Send-SPBackupStatus -Recipients ","


  • Navigate to Central Administration as a Farm Administrator
  • Under System -> Manage farm solutions, click on sharepointbac.wsp. Click on Retract. Once retracted, click on sharepointbac.wsp again and click Remove

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